Benefits of using GPS Tracking System:

  • -reduction of the costs of fleet maintenance even by 30%
  • -reduction of fuel consumption
  • -constant control of vehicles
  • -90% reduction of unauthorized distance covered
  • -improvement in work efficiency
  • -higher effectiveness of meeting dedlines
  • -higher competitiveness due to budget savings
  • -safety of the drivers, vehicles and shipments
  • -full control of working time and use of vehicles
  • -reducing the time needed to fleet management and calculating the drivers.
  • mapa wialon
We would like to emphasize the fact that our GPS system not only means positioning of your vehicles. We are planning to create a global chain of vehicles that, visible in one map, improve the system of  shipment gaining. Due to this platform our forwarders immediately see the position of your vehicle and send you the information about the possibility of its? loading. We provide a wide range of services such as transport, forwarding and GPS monitoring. Cooperation with us guarantees that just your vehicles will be our priority.